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Gooey Chewy and other Junior Giggles and Dreams

ISBN 09580342-2-2

THEMES INCLUDE: action, animals, choral verse speaking, Christmas, educational, families, food, limericks, monologues, nature, sport, stuff and nonsense, sun, surf & sand and lots of "characters".

Gooey Chewy & other Junior Giggles & Dreams



Annette Kosseris 95 poems
David Campbell 45 poems


Illustrated by Troy Carlson

A wonderfully exciting collection of new poems for young families and Infants and Lower Primary classes; full of fun, fact, fiction, fantasy, laughter and tears. These poems will delight the hearts of young children and anyone who has not lost 'the child within.'
As a bonus, there is a twelve
page story told by an old dog called "Moofers"

Includes biographies of authors.
and an informative reviews.


Extracts from

MARCHING SONG by Annette Kosseris
We're marching,
We're marching,
Left! Right! Left! Right!
We're marching,
We're marching,
Left! Right! Left!

Bing! Bang! Tootle tootle,
Ding! Dong! Doo!
Cling! Clang! Boodle doodle,
Oo! Oo! Oo!.......(p.14)

Marching Song


TENNIS by Annette Kosseris
I'm learning to play tennis!
I know I'm only small,
But look at my little racquet!
And this is my tennis ball!

When I got the racquet
I was so pleased, I kissed it!
THIS is how you hit a ball…
Uh-oh!... Oops! … I missed it

I'll keep practising.
Come and see me tomorrow....(p.33)

THE ENTERTAINER by Annette Kosseris
Do I look like a dancer?
I am!
Do I look like a singer?
I am!!
Do I look like an actor?
I am!!!
Come to our........... (p.44)


MY SAND CASTLE by David Campbell
Give me hard, wet sand
and a bucket and spade,
I'll build the best castle
that's ever been made!

With a moat, some turrets,
and a seaweed wall
you'll think that my castle's
the greatest of all.

There's shells.....(p.37)

SEA DREAMING by David Campbell
I'd like to ride a sea-horse
and gallop far away
to swim with dancing dolphins
where all the mermaids play.

I'd like to meet a turtle
and ask..............(p.46)

Gooey Chewy
  GOOEY CHEWY by Annette Kosseris
Little Louie
Hughie Dewey
Had some chewy
On his shoe-ey
It was gooey
It was gluey
Can you guess
What he did do-ey!..... (p.52)


by David Campbell

My old tin box holds secret things,
like coloured shells and yo-yo strings,
and playing cards and several keys,
a photograph of me on skis......(p.56)

PERCY PERCY POSSUM by Annette Kosseris
Percy Percy Possum
Has a curly tail so long.
He juggles red tomatoes,
Tomatoes, tomatoes,
He juggles red tomatoes
As he sings his possum song.

Hey! Percy.....(p.58)

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PUDDLES by Annette Kosseris
Out puppy's name is Puddles;
You know the reason WHY!
We give him lots of cuddles
And we hope he'll really try
To correct his little … problem.
He's a clever little ............(p.69)


  The Oogly-Poogly Bird

MY GLASSES by David Campbell
I had to get some glasses
so I could see okay,
but I was really worried
what all my friends would say.

I took a while to choose them,
for, though they helped........p.66)



by David Campbell

I hate the Oogly-Poogly Bird
for, much to my dismay,
it starts to sing its noisy song
at 6 am each day.

It perches in the lemon tree
outside my bedroom wall,
and when I'm really.............(p.64

I LOVE A BOOK by David Campbell
I love a book…
I like its look,
the way it feels
as it reveals
the tale it tells…
and how it smells.
At any age
the printed page
can stir....................(p74)

by Annette Kosseris

There are freckles on my cheeks,
there are freckles on my nose,
I even have some freckles
on my ankles and my toes!

There are freckles on my .....(p.78)

by Annette Kosseris

Percival Pettigrew
met a purple cockatoo.
He bowed politely
and said "How do you do!"

"How do I do WHAT?"
asked the purple cockatoo.
"Just … how do you do!"
laughed the purple cockatoo.

"How do I do WHAT!!!?"
screeched the purple cockatoo.
"If you don't........(p.88)

ICKY-STICKY by David Campbell
I love to get icky
and yicky and sticky
and mucky and gucky
and ever-so yucky
and ................ (p.95)

by Annette Kosseris
You see this bruising on my toe?
A dictionary did it!
A heavy book of words and meanings,
Don't look for it! … I HID it!
My brother used it yesterday
to check .............(p.99)

A Bottle of Sauce

A BOTTLE OF SAUCE by David Campbell
A bottle of sauce
is a difficult thing…
you don't know what troubles
that bottle will bring.
For sometimes the sauce
will be stuck like a plug,
and when it is loosened
it simply goes GLUG!

SIGNED UP by Annette Kosseris
Mum signed me up for ballet,
and jazz, hip-hop and tap.
You should see my muscles!
And I've also learned to RAP!
Dance helps co-ordination
and discipline, you see.
My mates said..............(p. 122)


CRABS by Annette Kosseris
Have you ever watched crabs
as they eat?
Their little pincer chopstick
hands meet
and pick food off the rocks.
The sea mocks
their size as it ...............(p.162)

by Annette Kosseris

Tsunami is a Japanese word
that means 'a long high sea wave
caused by underwater earthquakes
or other disturbances.'
but this one really means
so much more.
My Dad said ..................(p.169)


by Annette Kosseris

Mr Bristle and Mrs Thistle
Tried and tried, but couldn't whistle.
They pursed their lips into an "oooo"
And blew, and blew and BLEW
Their cheeks went pink,
Their eyes near popped,
They bounced and jiggled
And wriggled and hopped.
They blew until their.................(p.152)

MATHS TEST by Annette Kosseris
Maths test!
Add this
Subtract that..........................(p.163)

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