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A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams and More Giggles and Dreams

A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams & More Giggles and Dreams

If you have been looking for very speakable poems for children at home, in your classroom or Speech & Drama studio then you need go no further than these books from the Kosseris stable. Annette Kosseris is perhaps the most well known Australian children's poet and she gathers around her others who are of like mind to produce topical, sensitive and sensually inspiring poems for the young and young at heart… (Ages 4 - 16)


READING TIME - The Journal of The Children's Book Council of Australia. (August 1997)

Here we go AgainHere We Go Again

Annette has done it again. This collection of brand new poems just drip off the tongue and race around the mind. These are the best modern poems I've seen since Kosseris' last two publications. The alphabetical and thematic indexes will be appreciated by teachers. The book is sprinkled with whimsical illustrations which add to the life of the text. If you want children to enjoy poetry then this book is a must. Ages up to 10 years.

READING TIME - The Journal of The Children's Book Council of Australia. (May 1999)

Giggles and Woes and Anything Goes

Giggles & Woes & Anything Goes

This collection is totally appetising. The speaker/reader will delight in the words and the listener cannot help but be drawn into the fun and emotions of the concepts that are waiting to be heard. Some poems reflect the sheer exhilaration of life, others the sensitivity of human existence. All those who delve into the book will come away feeling enriched. (Ages 4 - 16)

READING TIME - August, 2002

Moving on with Giggles and DreamsMoving On With Giggles and Dreams

If you haven't come across Kosseris' work before, that is your misfortune. This book introduces us to six NEW poets who join the regular contributors and add even more enjoyment to the Kindamindi poetry anthologies for children. In its class, this volume must be given the highest of marks and should be in the hands of every teacher and parent. (Ages 4 - 16)

READING TIME - May, 2004

Gooey Chewy and other Junior Giggles and Dreams

Gooey Chewy and other JUNIOR Giggles & Dreams

Kosseris and Campbell's poetry instinctively captures the essence of childhood through rhythm and sound. There is great joy and verve in these creations that touch on those subjects dear to the minds of children. Not only will children enjoy learning and saying these poems but adults also cannot help but be moved by them. As a bonus, Gooey Chewy contains a section for Verse Speaking choirs, three monologues and a short story written through the eyes of an old dog called "Moofers."

Great fun! Highly recommended. (Ages 3 - 10)

READING TIME - August, 2005




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