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  BIOGRAPHIES - (Listed alphabetically)

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  BALDRY Felicity Daphne
  BIRD John
  BLOWEN Katherine Mary
  DRISCOLL Margaret Anne
  FLYNN Gwen (Gwendolyn Esther)
  HAYNES Christopher Louis
  HAYNES Marguerita
  KOSSERIS Annette
  MEDDOWS Dulcie
  PARKER Elizabeth E
  SHORE Alice
  SPETER Margaret Louise
  SPETER Joseph


BALDRY Felicity Daphne. Born Sydney, NSW. Some of her verse has been published in Litmus Suite (1991) Live at Don Bank (1993) Live and Kicking (1995) Slipping on Blue Grass (1994) Animalities (1995). Her emotive poem 'The Mattress" (More Giggles and Dreams) was first published in the Newsletter of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Assn. (Aust.) Ltd June 1992. Felicity works as a psychiatric nurse.


BIRD John. John's standard biography is 'A right-handed poet from the east coast of Australia.' When pressed he adds that he lives in the Brunswick Valley, NSW where he was born. Much of his poetry is grounded in this area. For most of his working life he was an army officer who with his wife, Wyn, and two daughters, Denice and Kathy, moved throughout Australia and the world.

He saw active service in Vietnam. It is no coincidence that among the many writing prizes he has won he highly values the 2003 World Peace Bell Poetry Prize for "After Setting Rabbit Traps."

He won the Banjo Paterson Prize for Humorous Verse in 1998 with the poem "The Antbed Court."

John's two main writing interests have been poetry about Australian village life and the writing of haiku-in-English. In recent work he has sought to combine these streams: to use Japanese short poetry forms to interpret rural Australian landscape and ethos. Twelve of his sensitive lyrics for senior students can be found in the anthology 'Moving On With Giggles & Dreams.'


BLOWEN Katherine Mary (1929 - 2006) Born Manly NSW. Teacher of Speech & Drama. Published books (now out of print) - Speech Training, Speak Clearly, Expression in Speech, Cavalcade of Poetry for Children, Golden Wonderland of Poetry, ABC Rhymes, Magic World of Poetry, Action Poems & Plays, Rhymes for Speech Time, Merry-Go-Round of Poetry and The Joy of Words.

Her poetry appears in the anthologies Seven to Ten and Back Again (1978) A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams (1994) More Giggles & Dreams (1997) and Here We Go Again (1999).


CAMPBELL David. Born in Melbourne, Victoria, David is married to Ellinor and is father to Merrilyn, David and Debbie. He is a former senior teacher of Mathematics and English, and is currently working as an education consultant.

David is co-author of a series of senior maths texts and took up writing poetry seriously in 2002. He began entering national literary competitions and has won quite a number of awards, over half of which have been for poetry. He has had a number of short stories published, including one last year in Meanjin. In addition to 'Moving on With Giggles and Dreams' and 'Gooey Chewy', his poetry has appeared in The Age newspaper, FreeXpression, The Bronze Swagman Book of Bush Verse (2003 and 2004), The Australian Bush Poets Association Newsletter, Writers Voice (the official bulletin of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW), and the anthologies 'Yellow Moon', 'Tarralla', 'Does a Lyrebird Fly?', and 'The Sunshine Coast Literary Awards'. He is particularly interested in bush verse, and won first and second prizes in the written section of the 2005 Victorian Bush Poetry Championships. He also contributes regular articles to major metropolitan newspapers, particularly The Age.

At the beginning of 2005 Tertiary Press published Simply Poetry!, an illustrated book of original poems for pre-school children co-authored by Ellinor and David.


CARDIFF Frank. Born Sydney, NSW. Frank has had poems published in FreeXpression, Galloping On, Bronze Swagman, Friends of ABC, International Library of Poetry, Metverse Muse (India). He is married to Thelma (nee Risby, descendant of two First Fleet convicts) This sparked an interest in Family History. Had four sons, Paul, Philip, John and Stephen but sadly Philip died aged 25 and John at 17. Frank has worked as a PMG technician, the Defence Department, and assisted in establishing the Australian Government Printing Service. Now retired, he devotes time to charitable causes. Fifteen of his poems for children, both comical and lyrical, appear in 'Moving on with Giggles & Dreams'.


CARDIFF John (son of Frank) was born in Kempsey, NSW in 1955. Died in Canberra ACT in 1972, aged 17.

When 14, he won the Under 18 International Competition for poetry. His name is listed in 'The International Who's Who in Poetry 1970-71" published in London. He worked as a cadet journalist with Canberra Sunday Post and regularly contributed poems for it. He has a street, John Cardiff Close named in his honour, in Acton ACT on Black Mountain Peninsular.

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DAVIS Ann. Born Sydney, NSW. Has five daughters, Robyn, Kathryn, Merrilyn, Carey (dec.) and Jayne. Ann has been widely published in newspapers, journals and magazines. Her work has appeared in two Penguin anthologies, several collections of short stories and numerous poetry anthologies.

Her first collection of poetry was 'Moths and Camels' 2001. 'Eve's Legacy' is a part of 'Meteors, a Trilogy of Authors' (Edziono University Press, Trento, Italy (2004).
Some of her poetry for children appears in Moving on with Giggles & Dreams 2004 (Kindamindi).


DRISCOLL Margaret Anne. Born Sydney, NSW. Recent graduate in Law. Registered Nursing graduate. As a student of Speech & Drama she won the Ellis Price Memorial Dramatic Scholarship, and was awarded the AMEB State Gold Medal for Speech & Drama. Mother of Andrew, Justin (dec.) and Matthew. Five of her poems are published in 'More Giggles and Dreams'.


FLYNN Gwen (Gwendolyn Esther). Born Cooma NSW 16th July, 1930. Died 21st March, 1995. Brigidine nun (Sister Giovanni). Teacher. Suffered with multiple sclerosis from age 29. Wrote an account of her trip to Lourdes. Published works: All Ways to God, The Indispensable Oboe, and Touch Me 1995 (published by Kindamindi.) Fifteen of her poems are published in 'More Giggles & Dreams' 1999 (Kindamindi).


FRIENDSHIP Dora. Born Redfern NSW 1898. Died 1993. Lived in Bronte for 45 years with husband and four children. At the death of her husband in 1967 she moved to a unit at Cronulla, a beach suburb of Sydney. The ocean and pine trees seen from her windows inspired much of her poetry. Dora also had a strong interest in the workings of nature and much of her poetry was motivated by a number of articles in National Geographic magazines. Published works appeared in the anthology 'Seven to Ten & Back Again' (out of print) and A cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams (Kindamindi).


HAYNES Christopher Louis. Born Sydney NSW. Primary teacher, Speech & Drama teacher and musician. Youngest child of Annette Kosseris and Michael Haynes. Wrote poetry as a child, some of which appears in More Giggles & Dreams (Kindamindi).


HAYNES Marguerita. Born Waverley, NSW. Teacher/Playwright. Director of Australian Institute for Performing Arts, Sydney. Second daughter of Annette Kosseris and Michael Haynes.

Some of her poetry (which she wrote as a school student) appears in 'More Giggles & Dreams'. It has proved very popular with children at eisteddfods.


KOSSERIS Annette. Born Yass NSW. Speech & Drama teacher, adjudicator and poet, Sydney NSW. Principal of Kindamindi Speech & Drama Academy, Willoughby Sydney, and owner/manager of Kindamindi Publishing. Co-author and publisher of poetry anthologies: 7-10 and Back Again (1977) Up to Six & Over (1979) A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams (1994) More Giggles & Dreams (1997) Here We Go Again (1999) Giggles & Woes & Anything Goes (2002) Moving On With Giggles & Dreams (2004) and Gooey Chewy and other JUNIOR Giggles and Dreams (2005). Annette has written many short plays for students; and words and song lyrics for two children's musicals (in collaboration with Margaret Speter). In 1995 Annette published the book 'Touch Me' (religious poetry written by Sister Gwen Flynn CSB). Annette visits Infants and Primary schools by appointment and enjoys reading poetry with the children and teachers. She conducts In-Service courses in poetry, drama and drama games for teachers. Her poetry has been published by educational publishers in Germany, Singapore, India and Hong Kong and by School Magazine. She is married to Michael Haynes and has four children, Kathryn, Marguerita, Jennifer and Christopher.

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MEDDOWS Dulcie. Born Camden, NSW. Poet, short story writer, and illustrator. Published works: Poems (1992) Quickly, You're On! (1995) Slipping the Rail (1997) Verse, Voice, Variety (1998) Jazzabaz Goes to the Speech Gym (Learn-em-books 2005) Definitely Not a Nursery Rhyme (Learn-em-Books 2005). Her poetry appears in the anthologies A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams, Here We Go Again, Giggles & Woes & Anything Goes, Moving on with Giggles & Dreams. She is widely published in School Magazine. She facilitates Writing workshops and is currently working on her first novel called "Luke" (a story about her father's boyhood.) Dulcie has three daughters, Julie, Kim and Bonita and is the grandmother of Phillip and Jaimie.


PARKER Elizabeth E. Born Wagga Wagga NSW. Mother of Richard, Teresa, Bruce (dec.) Roger and Celeste. Wife of Kelvin. Registered Nurse. Lives in Forbes NSW. Elizabeth commenced writing poetry in 1980. Her most emotive poetry was written after the sudden death of her son Bruce and it is published in 'More Giggles and Dreams'. Further poetry was published in 'Animalities' (a Joyce Trickett publication.)


SAUNDERS Don M. Born Sydney, NSW. Married, with four children. Writes poetry almost every day. A keen calligrapher, published his first anthology of verse 'Thoughts of a Simple Man' in calligraphy. Eleven of his poems are published in 'A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams'. They clearly display his versatility, his compassion and his delicious sense of humour.


SHORE Alice. Born Adelaide, S.A. writes prolifically and sensitively about nature, animals, and the world in general. A teacher who has taught in South Australia, the U.K., West Germany and France. Has written books and reviews on animal rights. Published works include 'The Sunset Woman with Butterflies', 'Circles in the Sand' (Ginninderra, Canberra Press). Self published books include Animalia Spirituality, A Second Daughter, Vintage 1998, Sunburnt, Olga's Story, Tales from the Dog House, Every Monday They Had a Task, Auto Travels in a Not So Wonderland. Alice won First Prize in The Brian Maguire Memorial Poetry Competition, Leeton eisteddfod in 2003 for her poem "Miss Haversham's Companions" which is published with some of her other poems in 'Moving on with Giggles & Dreams'.


SPETER Margaret Louise. Born Sydney. Teacher Speech, Drama and Singing. In collaboration with Annette Kosseris, wrote music for two musicals for children - 'Boots' 1992 and 'The Odyssey' 1993. Married to Joe Speter. They have two children, Michael and Dianne and two grand children. Her poetry is published in A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams, More Giggles & Dreams, and Here We Go Again.

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SPETER Joseph. Born Sydney. Loves to tinker in his garage on the central coast, working in wood, making and fixing things. Likes good classical music. Married to Margaret Speter. They have two children, Michael and Dianne and two grand children.

Published poems appear in A Cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams, (1994) Animalities (1997) and Here We Go Again (1999).


TRICKETT Joyce. O.A.M (1915-2001) Born Uralla, NSW. Short story writer, published playwright, broadcaster, artist, singer, teacher, musician, composer, adjudicator and stage entertainer.

A very altruistic artist who donated profits from many of her works to charities. Received the OAM in 1992 for literary work and charitable donations. In semi-retirement Joyce conducted a weekly radio special for 12 years. She called it "The Poetry of the People. Her published works include 'The Light Shines' (1962) 'Pool of Quiet' (1963) 'Bless This House' (1969) 'Christmas is Forever' (1975) and 'The Cattitudes of Chairman Miaow' (1987). Her poetry appears in the anthologies 'Seven to Ten & Back Again' 'Up to six & Over' (1981) 'A cup of Giggles A Saucer of Dreams' (1994) 'Animalities' (1995) 'More Giggles & Dreams' (1997) 'Here We Go Again' (1999) and finally 'Giggles and Woes and Anything Goes' which was published after her death. A rare talent indeed!


WIGNELL Edel. Born Echuca, Victoria. Freelance writer, compiler, journalist. Former teacher who writes for adults and children. Fiction, non-fiction, verse and scripts. She has more than fifty published books including the anthologies 'A Boggle of Bunyips' and 'A Bluey of Swaggies'; the novels 'The Ghostly Jigsaw' and 'Escape by Deluge'. (CBC Notable Book 1990).The picture books 'The Car Wash Monster, Raining Cats and Dogs' and 'I Wonder Who lives Upstairs' (CBC Notable Book 1994). Edel's latest title is a junior historical novel, 'The Long, Sticky Walk' (CBC Notable Book, 2004) She lives with her husband Geoff.


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